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Los Angeles Brazilian Guitarist

This Los Angeles Brazilian Guitarist was born in the state of Rio Grande do Sul - south Brazil - and raised in the states of Paraná and Santa Catarina. His mother was an outstanding painter and a great listener for those times when he would sit in the kitchen playing the same song over and over. His father, an accomplished musician in Brazil, taught him the most important music lesson (and he is still trying to learn that): "Play it with your heart".

Los Angeles Brazilian Guitarist influences

There were always musicians and music playing in their house, this Los Angeles Brazilian Guitarist would watch and listen. Even though he was surrounded by traditional Brazilian and classical music, oddly enough, it was the rock band AC/DC and their album “Back in Black” that gave him the passion to seriously dedicate himself to the guitar at the age of fifteen. Joining his brother, the band “Voodoo” became their first rock group. Learning and playing everything by ear, it was truly a magical time.

Shortly after that, in addition to playing Rock & Pop, this Los Angeles Brazilian Guitarist started learning and playing Classical, Brazilian music and Jazz. While working and performing in Brazil for the next few years, he was responsible for over 100 radio and television jingles as a studio composer, arranger and performer.

Coming to United States he graduated at The Los Angeles Music Academy where I studied with guitar visionary Frank Gambale, as well as Bill Fowler, Jean-Marc Belkadi, Linda Taylor, Joe Basu and Jeff Richman. This Los Angeles Brazilian Guitarist landed an audition for Sergio Mendes’ Brazil 2001 and performed as a member of his group from the Blue Note in Tokyo, Japan to the Moroccan Royal House in Morocco and across the United States.

Los Angeles Brazilian Guitarist credits

He has also performed with Luis Fonsi at NBC's "The Voice", Latin Grammy nominated Brazilian pop star Baby Consuelo (Baby Do Brasil) and with four-time Grammy nominated European MTV Award’s Best Italian Artist, Tiziano Ferro. This Los Angeles Brazilian Guitarist has been Musical Director for 10 years now, for singer/songwriter Dorian Holley's Band (vocal director for Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” tour and vocal coach for “American Idol”). He has been working at LACM for over 17 years now.

This Los Angeles Brazilian Guitarist recently worked on part of the soundtrack of Century Fox movie "Rio2" (sequel to the Grammy Nominated "Rio"), for film composer John Powell and Sergio Mendes. Other performances and/or recording credits include: In United States: Rickey Minor, Montero & Novelli Duo with drummer/percussionist Cristiano Novelli, Rique Pantoja Group, Gary Taylor, Maestro Laércio De Freitas, Arnold McCuller, Bridgett Briant, Catina De Luna, Otmaro Ruiz, Will Weaton, John Pisano, Lynne Fiddmont, Sergio Vigilato, Philip Bynoe, Jose Marino, Munyungo Jackson, Cathy Segal-Garcia, Michael Harris, Octavio Bailey, Frank Zottoli, Enzo Todesco, Joanna St. Clair, Mike Shapiro, Judith Hill, Leo Costa, Robert Kyle, Andy Egbe.

In Brazil ("Cheers" to our friendship and all those wonderful moments!!): Louise Lucena, Peninha, Arnou De Mello, Carlos Niehues, Camarão (“Marcio”), Mauricio Jorge Simas (“Escova”), Leandro Amaral (GTR studios), Ricardo Dettmer, Saulo Sousa De Oliveira, Cezinha (“Geddy Lee”), Valtinho, Alexandre Ravagnanni (“Luquinhas”), Toninho, Sergio Carvalho, Sergio Pasetti, Fernando Bitencourt (Baixista), Dalton Xavier (Daltinho), Robson Dias Magrão, Rubens Azevedo, Evandro Hasse, Picolé, Giovani Rocha, Celso Peixoto, Mojanga, Fábio (singer), Mário (guitar), Giovanni Sagaz and Wilian Goe.

This Los Angeles Brazilian Guitarist is thanking Yamaha guitars, Godin guitars, Whirlwind connectors, Rocktron and Egnater Amps for their support!

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