New York Brass Band 3




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New York Brass Band 3

This New York Brass Band's throbbing funk grooves, fiery Balkan brass, Gypsy accordion wizardry, and virtuoso jazz chops make them NYC’s official #1 brass band for Balkan Soul Gypsy Funk.

New York Brass Band mix

They have created an acoustic mash-up of Balkan and Romani (Gypsy) sounds with North American music, weaving the gospel, techno, funk, dub, jazz, and Latin influences of New York’s neighborhoods seamlessly into a Balkan brass setting. This New York Brass Band's music has won the ear of fans and musicians on both sides of the Atlantic, and their tunes have been learned by Serbian brass stars Boban Markovic Orkestar and New Orleans funk sensations Galactic, among others.

In addition to touring in the US, Europe, Mexico, and Africa, this New York Brass Band holds down a residency every Tuesday in Brooklyn which has become a destination for music fans from around the world.

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Country United States
City New York City
State/Province New York

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