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Rochester Blues Singer 1

This Rochester Blues Singer is a modern blues guitarist and singer like few others. His personal connections to the blues were forged with the living blues men he’s sat with since childhood.

He is the son of a fine blues guitarist who grew up on Beale Street in the 1950’s before moving to Rochester, NY. When family friends like Matt “Guitar” Murphy and Buddy Guy stopped by, he became their willing pupil.

Rochester Blues Singer albums

After years playing the clubs in and around Rochester, this Rochester Blues Singer was offered the opportunity to record. In 1998, he released his debut recording on JSP Records. That record earned him a W.C. Handy nomination as Best New Blues Artist. He produced his follow-up disc in 2001 to the critical acclaim of the blues press and earned him the title, Prince of the Blues. Then, in 2005, he released Live Wire, a stirring combination of live and studio performances for Northern Blues.

“Blues is my roots,” says this Rochester Blues Singer. “I grew up as my father's son in the house of the blues. I grew up around Buddy Guy and Matt Murphy. The influence of Buddy has been major. All he has to say to me is ‘Keep on doing what you’re doing.’ Matt always told me that the guitar has to become an extension of you. That will always stick with me.”

But on this new record, he devoted time and energy into establishing his unique and compelling voice. With the combination of this Rochester Blues Singer assertive voice and his exciting guitar, this record is a seamless combination of traditional blues with a contemporary edge.

On the title cut, he called upon his dear friend Ronnie Baker Brooks, another talent who grew up in a blues house. In fact, they teamed up to write three of the first six songs. Ronnie once told him how Bernard Allison gave him the confidence to play the blues. Ronnie paid it forward by giving him the confidence to write again.

Rochester Blues Singer now

Backed by two different bands with musicians that this Rochester Blues Singer has toured and recorded with for many years gives him the confidence to stretch voice and guitar. At the same time the in-house production of he and his brother Duane built the record with the right sound. His best CD to date!!

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