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New York Blues Singer 1

This New York Blues Singer sings so pretty it hurts. When you tell her that, she tosses her head back and laughs. "But it's a good hurt, right?" she asks.

Just when you thought there was no more emotion left in a song to be wrung out over the crowd, this artist brings the room to a hush with an impassioned soul-sister send up that sends chills though the crowd, like a goose-bump epidemic.

New York Blues Singer vocal range

This New York Blues Singer's precious vocal boom is as big as her va-va-voom. At either end of her vocal spectrum hang notes that seem almost out of reach, and perhaps even a little daunting. When on stage and ascending to one of these lofty notes in the upper register, she frequently points to the note as if to warn that she's on the way to nail got up to belt it out.

"Anytime I need a little inspiration I'll go listen to Joss Stone or Marc Broussard, who are both phenomenal musicians and singers. Then I'll hit up the oldies; I love Janis Joplin, Dusty Springfield, Curtis Mayfield, Phoebe Snow, Al Green, Bill Withers, and Etta James, to name a few." You can vaguely hear these legendary and contemporary influences throughout her tone and attack, but nobody really sticks out. This New York Blues Singer has her own voice, her own sound, setting her apart from any artist of today’s time.

New York Blues Singer band

Her band has been thrilling NYC's music scene for five years as well as the Upstate Region (Rochester, Canandaigua, Buffalo, Naples). Fronted by this vocal powerhouse New York Blues Singer, the band’s fresh, soulful sound gets audiences on their feet from the first note and keeps them there to the last bar of the set.

She is currently working on her 3rd album, due to release in 2014, with producers Charles Martinez and Scott Sharrard, as well as NEON Songwriting. This New York Blues Singer combines elements of old school R&B, Motown soul, ‘70’s funk, modern hip-hop, and classic songwriting into a powerful, inspiring sound that grabs the listener’s ear, engages the brain, and gets the booty in gear.

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Country United States
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State/Province New York
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