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Detroit Blues Band 1

The leader of this Detroit Blues Band based in Detroit, Michigan, is a soulful vocalist with a great sense of style and nuance. His instrumental prowess on piano and saxophone is notable. The core of the band includes Danny (Guitar), Wayne (Bass), Bubba (drums); uniformly superb throughout. They are joined by sometime band-mates David (saxophone) and Doug (piano, organ), and the late/great Jerry (guitar).

Detroit Blues Band craft

This Detroit Blues Band is a "musician's band". You can bet there'll be several prominent local musicians in the audience wherever they perform. It's no fluke that musical people love the band. It's all about payin' dues and performing with exacting craft. And it's no wonder that several "A" List musicians are guesting on the album including such icons as Sherm (trombone, flute), Dave (harmonica), Mark (horns), and Jory (guitar).

Detroit Blues Band style

This Detroit Blues Band is a throwback to a long ago time when music was...well... more musical. A time when hearing a live band was sheer delight. The energy of the music drove our passions. It was like taking a kernel of corn at room temperature, adding salt and butter, and heating it up. Bob and his assorted minstrels do just that. They heat up a divine musical stew that incorporates seemingly diverse influences such as jazz, blues, gospel, and rock. And behold a seamless musical archetype that puts a smile on your lips and a spring in your step. It makes you wanna get up and move.

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Country United States
City Detroit
State/Province Michigan
Performer Type Musical Act

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