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Dallas Rock Singer 1

This Dallas Rock Singer, a Texas legend, has been a worldwide force behind rock and roll since the ‘70’s. His songwriting style is unique and diversified. He is known for his contribution to the development of the signature sound of “Texas Rock and Blues”.

Proof of his Texas legendary status, he was one of the first four artists to be inducted into Buddy
Magazine’s Texas Tornado’s Hall of Fame in 1978, “as a Texas Tornado of Guitar, one of the best musicians
in Texas, perhaps in the world.”

During the ‘70’s, this Dallas Rock Singer wrote half of five albums with the rock band, Bloodrock. He was awarded a Gold Album from Capitol Records for “Bloodrock 2” and was soon signed to Capitol on a solo venture. Two classics were released.

Dallas Rock Singer credits

This artist took to touring his solo albums and shared the stage with legendary artists such as, Leon Russell, BB King, Sly & The Family Stone and Freddie King. Moving on internationally, he performed at the Mar Y Sol International Pop Festival in Puerto Rico with world renowned artists such as The Allman Brothers Band, Alice Cooper, BB King, The J. Geils Band, The Mahavishnu Orchestra with John McLaughlin, Emerson Lake & Palmer, among others. His classic, “Jelly Roll Blues” stole the show and became an instant hit for Atlantic Records.

In 1976, this Dallas Rock Singer signed with 20th Century Fox and music mogul, Russ Regan to produce one of his albums. This album reached the charts with two hit singles.

In 1980, Carl Palmer broke away from Emerson Lake and Palmer to form a new group, 1PM, which included
this artist as a major song writer and guitarist. They signed to Areola Europe Records and released the single “Dynamite”, increasing his popularity in the overseas market.

In 1982, he joined forces with Alice Cooper on the “Special Forces” international and USA tours as guitarist.

After touring, he wrote, with Alice Cooper, the album “Zipper Catches Skin”. The album was released on
Warner Bros. Records featuring his “I Like Girls”, a great success in Europe and Asia.

With his return from the road, this Dallas Rock Singer released an album on the label of Record Heaven, “Going Back To Texas”.

This album contains thirteen of his classic songs such as, “Louisiana Cockfight”, “Jelly Roll Blues”, “Yellow
Dog”, “L.A. Texas Boy”, and “Control”.

In 2007, he finally released his long awaited CD, a testament to his trials and tribulations and has been said to be some his best work.

Dallas Rock Singer performances

This Dallas Rock Singer hit the road again for a brief European tour performing at the Tenth Annual Sweden Rock Festival as well as appearing on European television, radio and at exclusive club dates. He was invited again to perform at the 2010 Annual Sweden Rock Festival in Europe and performed a solo act at the Festival’s very first acoustic tent. Multitudes of fans reinforced his popularity in Europe. Due to popular demand, another European tour is in the near future.

In 2008, he was awarded Fort Worth Weekly’s Hall Of Fame music award.

Giving back has become an essential part of his life through teaching. While going through all of his
experiences and working on his album, he began teaching children and adults to play instruments, sing and write their own original songs. His Rock Camp is held various times during the year. Originality, spirituality and staying clean and sober are clear messages that this Dallas Rock Singer stresses to his students.

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