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Raleigh Bluegrass Band

This Raleigh Bluegrass Band incorporates traditional, contemporary and original bluegrass selections, and add rich vocal combinations of two and three part harmony to solid instrumentation for a unique bluegrass blend. Clients from small private parties to festivals, weddings, BBQ's, business conferences and gatherings of all sorts in central NC have enjoyed the variety of bluegrass flavors from this band.

Raleigh Bluegrass Band members

Guitar, lead and tenor vocals.
He’s one of the best, smooth driving guitar strummers around these parts and always up to the task of laying down a sweet lead break when the song calls for it. He has broad vocal range and can be heard about a mile away when singing lead or tenor on their songs. He’s a proud Virginian and has picked in several local bands such as the The Spring Chickens, Lost County 35, Running South and the Kudzu Ramblers.

Mandolin, lead and tenor vocals.
He plays the tiny guitar, writes some of their tunes and chops away at the back-beat. This Raleigh Bluegrass Band is fortunate to have its own staff artist and designer in him and just unfortunate enough to have to put up with his strange penchant for western style headgear, even though he is from the Ohio. He has played mandolin around Raleigh with Lost County 35, Running South. and presently The String Machine.

Fiddle and bass vocals.
He is a veteran fiddle player who grew up in the area and enjoys a good song about the Civil War. When he speaks the floorboards rumble, and it’s very obvious that he is the man holding down the bass vocals in this group. Notably the tallest of the five band mates, he owns a boat, some dogs and several chickens. He has done some very tasty bluegrass fiddling for several bands in recent years such as Old Habits, Lost County 35, and currently The Rye Mountain Boys.

Upright Bass, lead vocals.
He thumps out the ancient bluegrass tones on his vintage Kay bass, driving this Raleigh Bluegrass Band from tune to tune, singing some mighty fine lead vocals and telling us stories that make your sides hurt. He does scare us sometimes with his strange dream of playing a bass ukulele on stage, they try not to think about that too often. He has used his warm voice and bass skills in the past with Vintage Blue and is now a member of Down the Road.

Banjo and baritone vocals.
He leads this Raleigh Bluegrass Band with his exacting sense of timing, dry wit, thick skin and a flowing stream of eighth notes. He is a seasoned player of the five string and an amazing guitar player too. He’s played and recorded with several regional bluegrass bands such as Iron Horse, Lost County 35, Running South and is currently a member of the gospel band Damascus Ridge.

Raleigh Bluegrass Band clients

- The Pour House, Raleigh, NC
- The Inn at Celebrity Dairy, Pittsboro, NC
- Ravenscroft School, Raleigh, NC
- Lochill Farm, Durham, NC
- R.A. Fountain General Store, Fountain, NC
- Reno Sharpe Festival, Bear Creek, NC
- Benson Bluegrass Barn
- Town of Carrboro, NC
- Bynum Front Porch, Bynum, NC

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