San Francisco Belly Dancer 2

  • San Francisco Belly Dancer 2
  • San Francisco Belly Dancer 2
  • San Francisco Belly Dancer 2



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San Francisco Belly Dancer 2

This San Francisco Belly Dancer is multi-disciplinary artist and is one of San Francisco's leading Dance Artists, celebrating the essence of life with her truly creative dance that is fluid, beautiful, and expressive, a unique experience of universal movement through dance & music- the rhythm of life.

This San Francisco Belly Dancer is an international professional performance dance artist and choreographer, putting her artistic creativity and flair in her dance performance. She has over a decade of experience in multiple dance forms, including (but not limited to) Belly Dance, Samba, Salsa, Bollywood, Club Dance, Modern Dance, Hip Hop, World Dance, and Funk. She also diligently studies the healing arts of yoga and meditation.

San Francisco Belly Dancer performance

With a strong focus on performance, this San Francisco Belly Dancer has danced as a solo artist to audiences at many celebrations, venues, and many diverse events in cities throughout the U.S.A., and has contributed her talents with array of world-class, grammy nominated musicians.

San Francisco Belly Dancer ventures

She provides choreography for bands, groups, theatrical productions, and more, including RonKat Spearman's (member of George Clinton's P-Funk) Katdelic band. She was selected as "San Francisco's Performance Artist of the Year, 2011-2012" by RAW SF and is an artist-in-residence at Supperclub San Francisco. Important to her sensitivities, also gives her heart via her talent to the plight of important ventures and charities of significant need including the Marine Mammal Center, Save the Bay, and the American Cancer Society among many others. Highly acclaimed, this San Francisco Belly Dancer's work appeals to a wide variety of audiences of all ages as she keeps her work universal and captures the hearts of millions.

Her performances are beautiful, graceful, sincere, captivating, vibrant, yet powerful. This San Francisco Belly Dancer knows how to incorporate; not only her talent and skill at her learned dance forms, but can really engage, carry and inspire an audience through a journey of excitement and delight of pure substance.

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Country United States
City San Francisco
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