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Las Vegas Belly Dancer 2

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This Las Vegas Belly Dancer is an authentic belly dancer (Middle-Eastern dance artist) based in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is among the most requested belly dancers in Las Vegas, appearing regularly at ev...


San Francisco Belly Dancer 1

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This San Francisco Belly Dancer is also a professional actress, dancer, choreographer, and instructor. She has toured worldwide with a Belly Dance Group from 2007 to the present. She is featured in s...


San Francisco Belly Dancer 2

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This San Francisco Belly Dancer is multi-disciplinary artist and is one of San Francisco's leading Dance Artists, celebrating the essence of life with her truly creative dance that is fluid, beautiful...


Los Angeles Belly Dancers 1

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These Los Angeles Belly Dancers will provide an unforgettable Middle Eastern or International dance show for an upcoming production or event, you will discover these dancers to be a spectacular experi...

Seattle Belly Dancer 1

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Seattle Belly Dancer This Seattle Belly Dancer's imagination was captured by belly dance in 1995 and she has not been able to escape it yet! She creates a warm, fun, community environment th...

Miami Belly Dancers 1

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You can book these Miami Belly Dancers for any occasion and any event! Enjoy the world of Mediterranean belly dance! Any occasion and event! The large choice of belly dancers will impress you! They ca...