Atlanta Barbershop Quartet 1

  • Atlanta Barbershop Quartet 1
  • Atlanta Barbershop Quartet 1
  • Atlanta Barbershop Quartet 1



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Atlanta Barbershop Quartet 1

In today’s busy world of corporate meetings, conventions, banquets, grand openings, shows, parties, family reunions, weddings, anniversaries, coffees, teas and other more important social gatherings…………where you want your guests to perk-up, take notice and remember you for the great time they had……….when robust music, alive with nostalgia and zest would top off your special event, call on this Atlanta Barbershop Quartet.

Atlanta Barbershop Quartet experience

This Atlanta Barbershop Quartet is a very entertaining quartet whose melodious, nostalgic chords charm audiences in the classic American style of four-part, a cappella harmony. The foursome entertain both young and old while keeping their audiences on the edge of their seat, performing their repertoire of old-style and standard songs. They are all active and very proud to be members of a Chorus. And yes, they are very energetic for four guys who have been around for a long time and for sure, have a repertoire to fit your event.

Atlanta Barbershop Quartet members

The Tenor has been singing four-part harmony since his early high school days in Rochester, NY. He also sings in the Cathedral Choir at Christ the King Cathedral in Atlanta, GA, the Archdiocesan Festival Choir of Atlanta and is the founder of an internationally famous Chorus and has been a member of a Barbershop Society for 48 years. He is self-employed as an independent sales representative specializing in high speed printers used in ticketing and receipt kiosk applications.

The Lead is the chronological baby of the group but began singing barbershop 38 years ago in California. Since then, he has served in every leadership role, including chorus and quartet coach, auditioner and chorus director, but his real passion is teaching others how to sing four-part harmony. He is married to the Southern Belle of his dreams.

The Baritone has 19 years in the Barbershop Society but spent years piloting those big Delta jets all over the world and now serves as a flight instructor to those wishing to know as much as he knows about those big birds. He also served as a State Representative for District 99 in Douglas County. As a graduate of the Naval Academy, he is a Vietnam veteran and spends quality time listening to the beautiful voice of his wife, also an accomplished musician, who performs with the Atlanta Symphony Chorus.

The Bass provides the rich, robust foundation that provides this Atlanta Barbershop Quartet its distinctive and exciting sound. He has been a member of a Barbershop Society for 24 years and also sings with the Cobb County Symphony Chorus and in his church choir where he performs as soloist. A true tradition with their Chorus, he is always called upon to sing solo at their annual show.

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One response to “Atlanta Barbershop Quartet 1”

  1. Client says:

    “I was in Shreveport for the [Georgia] Tech game, but heard you guys sing the national anthem on the radio. Y’all sounded superb. My boss was at the Falcons game. I text’d him about your 10-0 record, and he replied, “damn – they were very good”
    Best, Patrick

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