Miami Ballet Dancer 1

  • Miami Ballet Dancer 1
  • Miami Ballet Dancer 1
  • Miami Ballet Dancer 1



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Miami Ballet Dancer 1

This Miami Ballet Dancer is a trained professional Ballet dancer. She started over 13 years trained by Nedo Vojic at Ballet Classique and the Royal Opera House in London, UK. Her talent brought her to achieve and perform many big jobs like Theater shows; Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, The Wizard of the Forest, among others. Prints like; Bank of Portugal, Pharmaceutical ad, Ilamasqua Live event.

This Miami Ballet Dancer is a very energetic dancer who devotes herself to the spirit and elegancy of Ballet. She is able to do pointe work. She can easily learn and pick up choreography. Also, is able to deliver a beautiful freestyle. Her figure, skills, talent will please the audience with entertainment and inspiration.

If there is a problem with anything on the show, this Miami Ballet Dancer will carry on performing with a professional attitude because for her the first and most important thing on the show is the audience.

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Country United States
City Miami
State/Province Florida

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