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LKMY isn’t just the name of the band. It is a mind field built from the personal experiences and life of each individual band member and their synchronistical journey merging towards a common goal: evolving and making great music together that connects and inspires.

LKMY influences

LKMY is based out of Tenino, WA in the great Pacific Northwest. We have been friends for over a decade and officially formed LKMY in summer of 2014. Artists that inspire us range from Elvis Costello and the Eagles to Led Zeppelin and The Band, Rush, Epica, and more contemporary groups such as Mumford and Sons and Micheal Franti & Spearhead. Our musical influences range from jazz and blues to reggae, rock, ska and punk.

LKMY members

Each person involved is connected to each other as long time friends, parents, and individuals on a path of self empowerment and creativity. Perseverance, overcoming cancer, and an unlimited attitude about creating the reality we picture are common elements of LKMY and where its roots are and where it’s going.

Alan Dugan

Originally from the Orange County area. I started writing songs in my teens as a way to channel a lot of the dysfunction that was going in my household. I personally never thought of being a musician, it seemed to evolve on it’s own.

When my close friends heard my music/voice they suggested I start playing open mike nights. My first band was called “One Day” that lasted two years and the Second band was “The Fisherman”. I was the lead singer/ songwriter in both the bands. Elecktra Records N.Y. signed “The Fisherman” to a major recording contract. Due to pressing personal issues I decided to step away from playing music. I never expected the span of time to be over twenty years before I started again.

The most significant moment of my music life so far hasn’t had anything to do with music. It was during the summer of 2013 when I lost my voice due to 2 months of radiation as treatment for throat cancer. In one of the deepest moments I can remember in my life I realized it was my voice and I hadn’t used it, in fact I wasted my opportunities to sing my songs, and in that if I ever did recover I would sing. It’s not that my voice is so special, it’s that every person’s own voice is unique and if I had a chance to I was going to share mine with anyone who would listen. So here I go LKMY.

David Fairley

I got my first drum set and started playing the drums when I was 12, but I never really focused on the fundamentals and just tried to play to music I liked. My early influences were Led Zeppelin, Rush, The Who, The Police, and later with REM, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Pepper’s, Dave Mathews and most of the grunge era music – always pretty percussion focused music. I always seemed to place drumming and playing in a band on the back burner even though it was a dream I wanted to experience.

I started jamming with friends about 8-10 years ago that evolved into an eclectic jam band called Chebuchi. Later, I helped form a band called Spiritual Gangsters that was short lived due to some personality differences and a lack of freedom to collaborate. LKMY is the the right players at the right time – a real synergy of great friends, mind and talent that is alchemy. It’s a fertile environment of creativity and collaboration that allows every member to grow and thrive. I’m excited to be a part of this unique band with original music.

Jaime Leal-Anaya

I was born in Mexico and trained in classical guitar in my teens, including Spanish guitar, with a special interest in the rich Moorish culture and overtones from southern Spain. I played as lead guitarist in the rock bands Zot Rebac and Sociedad Anonima in Mexicali, Mexico in the ’80s and ’90s.

I have always been interested in Ancient Wisdom, the teachings of the Great Masters throughout history, especially Ramtha the Enlightened One in our modern times. Jaime Leal-Anaya is a writer, editor, and publisher of Hun Nal Ye Publishing. He is the lead guitarist and a member of LKMY.

Scotty Jones

Music has always been a part of my life, what identified and shaped who I am. Even before I was born my father played Stevie Wonder’s, then newly released, “Songs in the Key of Life” to my pregnant mother. To this day it inspires me. My youth was spent with headphones on and records spinning as I became infused with classic rock artists such as Led Zepplin, Heart, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, just to name a few. I started preforming on the trumpet in 6th grade and picked up the Bass guitar in 9th, playing in zero hour jazz band, school groups and play productions. Greats like Jaco, Mingus, Mark King and Stanley Clarke inspired me through high school into my college years. My first recording experience was in a studio in Northfield, Minnesota with a band comically named, “Shark Sandwich”. I loved the feeling of being in the studio, the connected musicianship between band mates…I knew then that music was my calling.

Throughout my life I’ve had the honor to perform with exceptional musicians in numerous bands, spanning genres that have pushed my limits as a bassist, songwriter and singer. It has brought me here, to find four friends…truly brothers, that have became known as LKMY.

Scott Lisonbee

I am LKMY Sound Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer. I am also a musician and part of the band and play support electric guitar, cow bell when there is need for “more cow bell” and the fish. The unity, the coming together of incredible, musical personalities and creativity, has created something amazing for me and I hope our music touches all of you too. We are excited to get that music to you.

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