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Amycanbe hails from the coastal area of Romagna in north-eastern Italy. Formed in 2002, they originally have 2 members. One year later, another musicians joined the group, and the group started taking shape. The approach and the musical taste of the trio comes from different experiences, complimenting each other perfectly. Original compositions emerged from the band. The singer came up with simple arrangements. The fourth element of the band (wind instruments, guitar and synthesizer) brought strength to all these characteristics. There was and remains a common interest with this group to combine acoustic and electronic sounds.

By January 2004 Amycanbe was settled. After the first live performances in clubs, theaters and bars in Romagna, they recorded a self-produced EP with 5 songs. It attracted the attention of critics and attained widespread success. Blow Up magazine placed this band in the playlist of the best debutant Italian indie band of the 2005. In May and September 2005 they opened for Skin and Yuppie Flu.

Amycanbe album

In early 2007, after been featured on '50 Minutes' and 'Merdeka' compilation CDs, Amycanbe signed a record deal with UK indie label Dancing Turtle Records, and their debut album was released in October of the same year to critical acclaim. This coincided with a UK tour that saw the band play in Leeds, Bristol, Oxford and Sheffield, as well as the album launch at 12 Bar in London. The band also did radio sessions for the BBC and received plays on BBC Radio 1.

Amycanbe is currently working on an new album and just finished a new project which one of the songs is available now as a preview of the project included in PEACE benefit Amnesty compilation out last 12 April. This song reached the no 1 of the Indie Top 100 Charts - Friendvote – Backstage.

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