Baoku & The Image Afro-beat Band




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Baoku & The Image Afro-beat Band

Baoku & The Image Afro-beat Band is comprised of talented musicians that come from different musical and cultural backgrounds to play the unique style of music known as Afrobeat. Using the power of music, the band hopes to create appreciation for cultural diversity, respect for life and to contribute to making the world a more peaceful and respectful place in which to live. United, we can do it.

Baoku & The Image Afro-beat Band genre

Afrobeat, a musical combination of western big band jazz with African instruments and languages, is a musical expression of peace, love, unity, truth and justice. Book Baoku & The Image Afro-beat Band today.

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Country United States
City Cincinnati
State/Province Ohio
Performer Type Musical Act

2 responses to “Baoku & The Image Afro-beat Band”

  1. e.l. says:

    since I saw this band the first time I was hooked. They just enjoy making music period. The West African grooves are fantastic, authentic and the lyrics are right on point. I really enjoy mixing this band live and look forward to working with them in the studio.

  2. Jennifer M. Swing says:

    [This band] bolster any event with their high energy enthusiasm. The EWF Council has hired them multiple times for events we host including our September festival. The music is accessible enough for any party-goer or dancer, but is not simple. The cultural layers, the ensemble’s execution of the music, and the pairing of traditional influences with contemporary technique makes this band’s work appreciable by the most sophisticated music connoisseur.

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