Phoenix 50s 60s Band 4




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Phoenix 50s 60s Band 4

This Phoenix 50s 60s Band specializes in 50s & 60s music, but are in no way limited to that genre. With one of the member's extensive background in Jazz, Funk, Rock, Big-Band, Blues, Country and a host of other realms, and the other member's ability to vocally lay out power, feel and phrasing that will knock your senses for a massively dynamic journey as well, you can be guaranteed an unforgettable experience when you witness them in action!

Phoenix 50s 60s Band performance

They have a unique and powerful marketing advantage as well for smaller budgets and venues, they can perform as a Duo with the keyboard player utilizing recorded backgrounds arranged and performed entirely by him on drums and keyboard ( NOT "store bought", "Karaoke", “Band In A Box”, or any other form of artificial music production). For venues where the budget allows, they use a live band (with horn section), and they keyboard player moves to the drums. Either way, the audience is in for a powerful, exciting, totally enjoyable and highly-entertaining experience with this Phoenix 50s 60s Band performance!

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Country United States
City Phoenix
State/Province Arizona
Performer Type Musical Act

One response to “Phoenix 50s 60s Band 4”

  1. Nimueh says:

    Loved your show at The Springs last weekend! Fun, friendly, humorous and touching! Great music — great renditions of favorites from many decades! All with a touch of Arizona pzazz! Loved your cowboy hat with the Santa hat over it!!! …plus, the “very Arizona” red sandals and toe nail polish, even in December!!! Enjoyable, fun, good music and attitude!!! Music was unsurpassed — better even than some of the original singers!!! Wish you both the very best! – Nimueh R.

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